Advocacy Program

Originating from its belief that conservation is a comprehensive approach that comprises interrelated procedures, AFDC supported several causes believed to be of high significance on the national level. As though, AFDC sought solid connections with the society, NGOs & CSOs, decision making bodies and local authorities to enhance among them their sense of reform and foster their efforts to achieve positive change through better behavior.

National annual campaigns AFDC launched on forest fires were the major reflections of AFDC's interest in advocating for a better, more decent behavior on different levels. The national campaigns were AFDC's advocacy tools to improve among society its behavior and enhance its overview on the  major threats to Lebanese natural resources: Forest Fires. Starting 2007, AFDC has been launching annual campaigns, where it targets the overall population. Using billboards, radio spots, TV spots, radio & TV interviews, forums, seminars, dinners,... AFDC promoted its major causes and advocated for improvement.      

AFDC closely worked with concerned ministries to achieve effective response to forest fires. These ministries were: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, and Ministry of Defense. One of the major achievements of AFDC's advocacy efforts was the "National Strategy for Forest Fire Management" that was approved by the Lebanese Government in 2009, and became the national umbrella for all projects, activities, and efforts aiming to address this file.

AFDC was a member of the inter-ministerial committee formed by the Lebanese Prime Minister in 2007, with the duty to develop a national plan for forest fire management.

Further, AFDC worked closely with other ministries, such as the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to achieve better curriculums that encompasses environmental aspects within the study path. This cooperation yielded the "National Strategy for Environmental Education" and "The Developed Curriculum of Environmental Education" in 2012, which form the basis of environment mainstreaming in academic courses on school level.

In 2007, AFDC launched the "Youth Declaration on Environmental Policies"  where a group of Lebanese Youth coming from different back grounds, regions and confessions, joined efforts to achieve a common declaration that tackled environmental issues and encouraged collective work to confront the risks leading to environmental degradation. The declaration addressed issues such as: Air Pollution, Waste Management, Water and Sewage, and Land Management (Refer to Publications section).