Andket, Akkar

Andket Forest Center

The Andket Forest Center is not fully furnished yet. So far, it could be used as a conferencing or recreational center, and it offers camping activities for scouts and other groups.

Available Facilities:

- Fully equipped conference room

- Tree nursery

- Heli Spot

Andket is situated in North Lebanon in Akkar district. It has an area of 27 km2. it is famous for its large pine and oak forests that make 47% of the total surface of the village with a total of 871 Ha of wood lands and 470 Ha of oak trees.

Take a break next to Oudine river enjoying the breeze of cool air and refresh by drinking from the fresh water of Al Safsaf spring. If you like socializing, exchanging and open mindedness, you will experience w warm atmosphere while charing some local specialties.

Stop and have a look at the old industries, ancient and traditional sites: Water mills, old silk factories, ancient graves and caves.

The main forested area of Andket is known as the “Wadi Odeen” forest.

The valley is divided into a western and eastern bank by a small river. The elevation of Wadi Odeen varies from less than 600 m to about 1000 m. It is characterized by its steep slope.

The access to Wadi Odeen is by a main road that goes around the forest all the way to the Akroum mountains.

In addition, many agricultural and side roads make it possible to dwell within this forest.

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