Create an AFDC unit

If you are interested in creating a volunteer unit, please follow the steps below, or contact AFDC directly at

  • Gather a group of volunteers from the village who have common interest work toward the protection and development of their areas
  • The group of volunteers should include members representing the local community at large and should not have any political agenda
  • Schedule meetings with the Executive Board of AFDC to learn about AFDC bylaws, structure, objectives and programs
  • Officially form the volunteer unit with Executive Board according to AFDC bylaws
  • Conduct a public event known as a participatory rural appraisal (PRA) in the village to assess the local environment and development needs
  • Prioritize the local needs to develop and implement projects within the local community
  • Participate in AFDC projects and activities including the Annual Conferencewhere each unit has to provide a report about its achievements