Holcim Rehabilitated Quarry Monitoring

Holcim Rehabilitated Quarry Monitoring


Description of the Project:

Following the rehabilitation of the Holcim quarry in Chekka, the AFDC and its partner IUCN ROWA engaged in a three years project to monitor the state of the rehabilitated quarry.


General Objective:

The project aims to monitor the healing processes of rehabilitated quarry in Chekka and the activation of the ecosystem dynamics in place. In particular, the project will follow the progress of the fauna and flora on site through a three years timeframe.


Project Outcomes/Specific Objectives:

  • Yearly monitoring of fauna and flora in the rehabilitated quarry.


Project Results/Outputs:

  • One comprehensive monitoring report per year reflecting the site visits conducted by fauna and flora experts to the rehabilitated site.
  • Recommendations to Holcim in order to enhance the site’s conditions.


Location: Chekka, North Lebanon

Duration: 2015 - 2017

Funding Agency and Partner: Holcim Lafarge.