Improving forest fire management operations in Dmit & Moukhtara villages

Improving forest fire management operations in Dmit & Moukhtara villages


Description of the Project:

Through this project, AFDC intended to improve the forest fire fighting capacities in the target area by equipping local volunteers of Dmit and Moukhtara with forest fire fighting manual tools and personal protective equipment in addition to a small weather station. Those tools should be enough to be utilized by up to 40 volunteers in both villages (32 in Dmit and 8 in Moukhtara). Given the difficult terrains of the area, special forest fire fighting manual tools are essential to enable the volunteers to access areas difficult to reach by vehicles. This is expected to improve the early intervention efforts in the area and therefore increase the chances of better fire management and control. The local volunteers will support the civil defense brigades in responding to forest fires that might occur within an area of more than 12,000,000 m2 (12km2).


General Objective:

The project aims to conserve and protect the natural heritage of the targeted portion of the Shouf area and reduce its fires risk through improving the technical capacities of the local community in forest fire fighting. More specifically, the project aims to equip volunteers from Dmit and Moukhtara villages in order to improve their readiness and skills to effectively respond to forest fires.


Project Outcomes/Specific Objectives:

  • More than 12,000,000 Km2 of forest areas are better protected from forest fires.
  • Reduced cost of environmental degradation due to forest fires.


Project Results/Outputs:

  • Up to 40 local volunteers from Dmit (32) and Moukhtara (8) are equipped with manual tools and PPE (personal protection equipment) for more effective forest fire fighting.
  • 40 local volunteers are trained on forest fire fighting tools and techniques.
  • Moukhtara is provided with a small weather station to detect forest fire risk based on several local weather parameters.


Location: Dmeet & Moukhtara – Shouf area, Mount Lebanon

Duration: 2016 - 2017

Funding Agency: Embassy of Japan in Lebanon