LRF: Integrated Forest Fire Management

LRF: Integrated Forest Fire Management



Improving Forest fire management in Lebanon through prevention, intervention, and restoration



  • Identification of the forest sensitive areas to be targeted and the kind of intervention needed in each site.
  • Installation of a new Tree Nursery.
  • Rehabilitation of infrastructure for combating fires and establishment of fire breaks, water ponds, and water outlets.
  • Reforestation of 100 ha of degraded lands.


  • Conduct training sessions on fire management and control to the Civil Defense, Lebanese Army, Forests Guards and Volunteers;
  • Implement national public awareness campaign on forests and fire prevention;
  • Produce awareness materials for dissemination to the public on fire prevention, targeting local communities.


Duration: 2008--2011

Partners: Ministry of Environment (MoE) & the FAO

Funding Agency: Lebanon Recovery Funds