Mimes, Hasbaya

AFDC Mimes Center

Includes the AFDC Mimes tree nursery, a conference room, a computer lab, and an olive press.

Mimes Olive Press:

It has been several years since the Mimes olive pressing mill began operation and things look promising. The mill was established with aid from the Canadian Embassy for a project targeting four villages of the Hazbaya Caza (Mimes, Khalwat Kfeir, Kfeir and Marj al Zouhour). Last season, 70 tons of olives were produced which allowed it to break even in cost, even generating a small profit. The mill, which employs six workers and involves many local families, is in current development for new equipment to significantly improve its efficiency. The AFDC volunteer unit in Mimes, which has been vital in the setup and management of the mill, will put the profit towards local community projects emphasizing forestry, and supporting the unit’s activities.