Our History




  • Huge forest fires take place all over Lebanon.
  • One of them destroys the forests of the Ramlieh village.






  • Ramlieh Reforestation Committee is established.
  •  The funding of activities is collected from parents and relatives of the members
  • The “Association for Forest Development and Conservation AFDC” is established as an NGO in Ramlieh.
  • Reforestation of Ramlieh begins.




  • AFDC is officially recognized by the Ministry of Interior.
  • Reforestation in Ramlieh continues.





  • AFDC receives a $100,000 funding to establish a tree nursery in Ramlieh.
  • AFDC decides to work in the Southern Mount Lebanon region beyond Ramlieh territories.
  • First member from outside Ramlieh, Deputy Akram Shehayeb, joins AFDC.






  • AFDC starts building its tree nursery.
  • AFDC builds a partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF.
  • AFDC gets funding through WWF to build a forest center in Ramlieh.
  • AFDC establishes a voluntary system composed of units in different villages.
  • AFDC president, Mr. Chehayeb, is appointed a Minister of Environment.





  • AFDC inaugurates its forest tree nursery in Ramlieh.
  • AFDC puts the cornerstone for its “Mediterranean Forest Development and Conservation Center of Lebanon MFDCL”.
  •  AFDC invites members from all over Lebanon to join its general assembly.





  • AFDC inaugurates its Mediterranean Forest Development and Conservation Center of Lebanon MFDCL.
  • AFDC hires its first skilled member of staff.




  • AFDC hosts its first regional and Mediterranean training workshops.
  •  AFDC organizes “AFDC First Annual Congress”.




  • Building the institution.
  • AFDC gets EU funding (SMAP) and WWF support to biodiversity conservation.




  • AFDC gets EU funding (EC LIFE) for forest fire management.
  • AFDC signs a partnership with the Hanns Seidel Foundation.





  • AFDC structures its programs into six: Reforestation, Forest Fires Fighting, Environmental Education and Awareness, Capacity Building, Ecotourism and Special Campaigns.





  • Programs are implemented in AFDC working areas and establishing additional AFDC units.
  • AFDC organizes its first annual eco tourism festival.
  • AFDC organizes its first national schools’ environmental clubs festival.




  • AFDC organizes national conferences on major environmental policies.





  • AFDC organizes its first national campaign about forest fires fighting and prevention.
  • AFDC starts to develop a GIS department.









  • AFDC launches a wide campaign: “Relief and Conservation Campaign” during the war on Lebanon.
  • AFDC changes its name, objectives and Executive Committee and updates its bylaws. Ms. Nada Zarour is elected as AFDC President.
  • AFDC's new name becomes: Association for Forests, Development and Conservation. The new name highlights development as a new major dimension of AFDC programs.
    AFDC changes its six programs adding additional dimensions. The new programs are four: Nature Conservation, Outreach and Capacity Building, Research and Project Development and Advocacy.





  • AFDC launches the construction of forest centers in Dmit, Qornayel and Almat, as well as a tree nursery in Mimess.
  • AFDC launches a wide reforestation program.
  • AFDC launches the annual campaign "Al-Harqa Bl-Qalb".
  • AFDC publishes the state of Lebanon's report 2007.














  • AFDC launches the annual campaign "Ma Tshaweh Tabi3tak".
  • AFDC launches the awareness campaign by training on the tool kit in Fardis, Kfarshouba, Rashaya, Almat, Lahfid, Kartaba, Rmiech, Ramlieh, Aghmeed, Badghan, Kfarnees, Maasraity, Mesherfy, Reshmayya, Sharoun, Zgharta, and others.
  • AFDC launches the tree nursery in Andket.
  • AFDC launches the "Integrated Forest Fires Management" in Lebanon.
  • AFDC launches the reforestation campaign starting in Almat.
  • AFDC opens Andket Forest Center.
  • AFDC launches the first Ropes courses and Experiential Center in Lebanon at MFDCL, Ramlieh.
  • AFDC implements an international workshop on "Integrated Forest Fire Management and Monitoring Plan".
  • AFDC organizes a national workshop on "Lebanon National Strategy on forest fire Management".
  • MFDCL celebrates 10 years since the launching of the center.
  • AFDC elects new board of directors.















  • The Lebanese Government signs the National Strategy for Forest Fire Management developed by AFDC and the Ministries of Environment, Interior and Municipalities, Defense, Agriculture, CDR .
  • AFDC launches "Only You can Prevent Forest Fires" campaign with USAID.
  • AFDC launches the annual awareness campaign "إذا اختفى الشجر، إختفى البشر"
  • AFDC signs the Memorandum of Understanding between AFDC and Lebanese University, Faculty of Agriculture Engineering & Veterinary Medicine to teach a course about forest fires management.
  • AFDC launches the new environmental education website: www.afdclearn.org
  • AFDC launches of the Puppet Show.
  • AFDC inaugurates Ammatour Forest Tree Nursery.
  • AFDC inaugurates a new forest fire center: Dmit Center
  • AFDC inaugurates a common fire fighting operations room & distributing of the firefighting equipment within the Civil Defense.
  • AFDC publishes the "National Assessment of tree nurseries" study.
  • AFDC celebrates Hewarna closing ceremony.
  • AFDC launches "The Lebanese National Reforestation Initiative" under the patronage of the Minister of Environment.














  • AFDC implements the first forest fire management integrated project in the North in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and FAO.
  • AFDC initiates Andkit (Akkar) tree nursery with  a production capacity of 100,000 seedlings annually.
  • AFDC establishes a water pond for fire fighting in Andkit Akkar and rehabilitates infrastructure to prevent forest fires.
  • AFDC launches the training-of-trainers program n forest fires with the Army and the Civil Defense. 
  • AFDC helps in the provision of equipment and firefighting tools (trucks, PPE, bamby buckets, etc) to the Army, the Civil Defense, the Forest Guards and volunteers from local communities.
  • AFDC assists in the development of forest fires early warning system with the Italian cooperation and the Civil Defense.
  • AFDC starts project with different private sector groups as part of CSR projects.
  • AFDC launches "The Green Leadership Academy Program" with Starbucks targeting students from different backgrounds.














  • AFDC starts a project with UNESCO to protect Qadisha Valley from forest fires.
  • AFDC starts a project with the Italian Cooperation in Dmit and Jezzine Municipalities to establish local protocols to prevent forest fires in cooperation with the Civil Defense.
  • AFDC establishes a new cooperation with the Japanese Embassy to initiate a forest fire volunteers group in Bchatfine village in cooperation with the municipality and the local civil defense center.
  • AFDC establish a forest fire observatory in cooperation with UNDP in Bchatfine village as part of the local forest fire management plan.
  • AFDC establishes the biggest forest tree nursery in Lebanon in Baddi, shouf in collaboration with Diadgo. The nursery produces 1 M forest trees annually.
  • AFDC signs a memorandum of understanding with the National Center for Research and Development affiliated to the Ministry of Education to develop Lebanon National Strategy for Environmental Education.















  • AFDC distributes 450,000 seedlings for plantation to municipalities and volunteers all over Lebanon.
  • AFDC launches "Lebanon Environmental Education Policy" in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the National Center for Research and Development (CRDP) and with the financial support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.
  • AFDC launches the "Environmental Education Curriculum - First Cycle" in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the National Center for Research and Development (CRDP) and with the financial support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation.
  • AFDC implements a training-of-trainers program for the Army about forest fires tools and techniques and implementation if Incident Command System (ICS) to control fires.
  • AFDC organizes a study tour to the US in cooperation with the USFS through LRI (Lebanon Reforestation Imitative) for officers from the Army and the Civil Defense and AFDC about applying ICS in forest fires management.
  • AFDC starts a project in Kesserwan and Jbeil to develop local forest fire prevention plans in collaboration with the Italian Cooperation and the Civil Defense.



More info about AFDC project are available under "http://afdc.org.lb/recent-projects"