Protecting Jisr el Qadi Pine Forest from forest fires

Protecting Jisr el Qadi Pine Forest from forest fires



The project aims to conserve and protect the natural and historical heritage of Jisr el Qadi through improving the technical capacities of the local community in forest fire fighting. More specifically, the project aims to equip the voluntary unit of the Association for Forests, Development and Conservation (AFDC) in forest fire fighting tools and equipment in order to improve the intervention efforts in forest fire fighting.



    The expected results of the project:

  • Twenty AFDC volunteers from Bshatfeen are equipped by manual tools and PPE (personal protection equipment) for forest fire fighting.
  • AFDC Bshatfeen Forest fire fighting volunteer unit is provided with a small four by four vehicle equipped for forest fire fighting purposes
  • Twenty AFDC volunteers are trained on forest fire fighting techniques and the use of the manual tools.


Duration: 2011-2012

Partners: Bshatfeen (Al Shouf) Municipality

Funding Agency: japanese Embassy