Ramlieh, Aley

MFDCL Ramlieh includes: Ramlieh Hostel, AFDC Ramlieh tree nursery, AFDC Offices, & activities area.

The Mediterranean Forest Development and Conservation Center of Lebanon (MFDCL) is a training center and youth hostel owned and managed by the Association for Youth Hostels and Environment (HEY), established in 1998 by AFDC with the financial support of the Spanish Aid Agency through the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and with contributions from different Lebanese public institutions.


MFDCL is located in a pristine, small forest in the quaint village of Ramlieh in the Aley District, Mount Lebanon, at an altitude of 800 m. The Center is 40 km from Beirut, 12 km from the Beirut-Damascus International Road, 20 km form the city of Aley and 7 km form the Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve. It is located in the middle of Mount Lebanon.

More about MFDCL:

MFDCL is classified as a Youth Hostel and is considered to be a unique center in the Middle East for the services provided for environmental groups as well as for social groups, business groups and tourists. Also, the center helped in the development of new small businesses in the village where the locals have been investing to provide services for tourists. Moreover, the area, where MFDCL is located, is rich in Flora including pine trees, oak, cypress, maple and others. The area also has numerous fruit trees like peach, plum and fig in addition to aromatic and medicinal plant species like thyme, lavender and rosemary. These plants, in particular, are used by the community in the local food industry.

MFDCL facility includes:

  • Conference rooms that can accommodate up to 100 people,totally furnished and equipped with needed devices like a video projector, an overhead projector, a slides projector, a TV and video, flip charts, wireless internet connection, all of which can be used by the groups in seminars, workshops and training activities.
  • Lodging facilities including 22 double bedrooms furnished to accommodate 44 people.
  • A cafeteria that serves only Lebanese traditional food prepared by women from the local community.
  • Open areas for field activities in the forest surrounding the center.
  • Eco-tourism activities that can be organized for individuals and groups within the Eco-Tourism Program being implemented by the volunteers from the center.

These activities include discovering natural paths and cultural sites by hiking, Rappeling, and Sky walking, in addition to other nature adventure activities.

MFDCL serves as:

  • A training center for environmental education, management of natural resources, management of protected areas as well as other environmental issues.
  • An information center for environmental education and awareness.
  • A center for pilot environment and development projects.
  • A services center for other environmental, social, and business groups.
  • An ecotourism facility.
  • The center has renovated and welcomes guests both in summer and winter time. 

The Association for Youth Hostels and Environment (HEY) manages MFDCL.
However, the center is managed directly by:

  • Mr. Farouk Salman, Manager
  • Mr. Ali Abi Ali, Secretary

Accommodation rates:

Type Of Accommodation

Rate/Person ($)

Full board accommodation:
Bed & Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Semi board accommodation:
Bed & Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner


Semi board accommodation:
Bed & Breakfast


NB: Special rates are provided for NGOs and groups above 20 participants

Reservation must be done by groups or individuals at least one week before the date of accommodation.

Reservation Contacts:


Ramlieh, Aley, Mount Lebanon

Mobile: +961 3 711 386

Tel:  + 961 5 280430  
Fax:+ 961 5 280431
E-mail: hey@heyhostels.com 

For more Info: www.heyhostels.com


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