Ramlieh, Aley

AFDC - Ramlieh Tree Nursery

The earliest and most diverse among AFDC’s tree nurseries.

Established in Ramliyeh (Aley District) in 1995.

The required nursery knowledge and skills were all gained here. The Ramlieh nursery is not just a place where plants are produced, but throughout the years several workshops and seminars were conducted there making this nursery a meeting point and a learning center for local and international forestry experts.

The highest number of species is produced within this nursery. The nursery has an average production capacity of 100,000 seedlings.

 Several conifers are produced suchs as:

- Pinus pinea (Stone Pine)

- Populus alba (White Popler)

- Abies cilicica (Cilician fir)

- Cedrus libani (Cedar Oak)

- Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress)

- Juniperus excelsa (Grecian Juniper)

- Juniperus oxicedrus  (Prickly Juniper)


In addition several important broadleaves trees and shrubs have been successfully grown and they include:

The most common oak species of Lebanon:

- Quercus calliprinos (Kermes Oak)

- Quercus infectoria (Cyprus Oak)


Essential river trees and shrubs:

- Platanus orientalis (Oriental Plane)

- Alnus orientalis (Oriental Alder)

- Salix alba (White Willow)

- Nerium oleander (Oleander)


In addition to several common forest trees and shrubs:

- Acer syriacum (Syrian Maple)

- Acer tauricolum (Taurus Maple)

- Pistacia palaestina (Palestine Pistachio)

- Myrtus communis (Common Myrtle)


Finally, a number of economically significant species are grown and these include:

- Ceratonia siliqua (Carob)

- Laurus nobilis (Laurel)

- Origanum syriacum (Syrian Marjoram)

- Salvia fruticosa (Lebanon Shrubby Sage)


MFDCL Center, Ramlieh, Aley, Mount Lebanon

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